Strato Track


Reliable Worldwide APRS Tracking

Key Features:

  • Light weight – the StratoTrack weighs only 30 g (1 oz), including battery and antenna!

  • Small size – the entire tracker circuitry fits on the back side of a single AA battery case.

  • 20 dBm transmitter – allows for most APRS stations within line-of-sight to receive the tracker’s signal. It is not uncommon to see APRS ground stations over 400 km (250 miles) pick up the StratoTrack signal when flying in the stratosphere.

  • Easy to use – no wiring of additional electronics required. Simply insert a single AA battery and launch.

  • Easy to fly – since it is so light, simply suspend it directly below your parachute on the flight line. No need to reconfigure your payload.

  • Smart frequency – the StratoTrack automatically knows which APRS frequency to use based on its location anywhere in the world.

  • Low power modes – the StratoTrack can transmit for up to one week, day and night, on a single AA battery. This allows for easy tracking of endurance flights.

  • Sensor suite – the StratoTrack has a temperature sensor for studying the upper atmosphere as well as a voltage sensor for monitoring battery health.

By default, the StratoTrack transmits once per minute. This can be changed to once per 5 minutes or once per 15 minutes. Approximate battery life is as follows:

  • once per minute - 24 hr

  • once per 5 minutes - 96 hr

  • once per 15 minutes - 168 hr (7 days)